Episode 72 – Christmas Special

Leeta chats with some of her friends and previous guests about what Christmas means to them and some of their favourite Christmas things! Special thanks to:- Aprillian, Tedra and Rogueslayer from CtrlAltWoW; Ghemit from Let's WoW Podcast; Jules and Marconin from Tauren Think Tank; Ashayo and Jeppy from WoW Geekly; Moogyver from Chaos Portal and Natanie; The Godmother from Alternative Chat; RayAnn from Realm of Books; Wingy; Rho from Realm Maintenance; Ben from Azeroth Roundtable; Steve from Geektopia; Jon from Azeroth Roundtable; Amijade and Strumpet from All Pet's Allowed for taking part in this 2014 Christmas Special. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2015. Enjoy 🙂

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